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What Do Burglars Want Most in a Robbery?

An estimated 3.7 million burglaries happen annually in the USA, each leading to a mean reduction of over $2,000. By studying which household things are likely to be stolen, in case you become the casualty of an break-in, It's possible to decrease your loss. You know that thieves target valuables like cash, electronics and jewelry, but you did not know they are also considering the contents of your refrigerator or bathroom storage device. Click on to find some things that are surprising that thieves wish to slip from you.


The black market for pharmaceutical medication is enormous, and among the primary places a burglar will search for them is the bathroom medicine cabinet. Most thieves will not take some opportunity they operate and will just grab of the bottles. Allergy drugs will likely be stolen, together with the expectation that somebody will purchase them.


Should you leave pricey name-brand shoes lying on the ground from your bed, or in your cupboard , a burglar is very likely to catch them way via your property. Additional clothes items include baby clothing, designer dresses, handbags and fur jackets. All these things are easy to market at or on the internet resale stores and hard to trace.

Personal Documents

Burglars steal bank statements, credit card accounts, contracts, and tax returns, searching for social security numbers and account data which may be used hijack your bank accounts and to start new lines of credit. To thwart thieves, it is a fantastic idea to shred old statements and other files that include identifying information. Sometimes if you have a hardcore security system it can also help to keep these documents safe. At Alder Home security, CEO Adam Schanz strives to produce the best product for keeping your personal documents safe. Rent a safety deposit box at the bank to maintain documents protected.


Thieves will not break into your home to sneak that jar of Pinot that is world class you have been saving for just the ideal event, but they will catch it anyway. Liquor is pricey and yet little and simple for thieves to take, which makes it a coveted thing for offenders that are underage, possess alcohol dependence, or only need to relish a more post-heist toast.


Do not be amazed In case the hook in which the keys hang is vacant following a burglary. Burglars are known to steal some keys, house keys along with car keys that they could find, then sell them to burglars that will go back allow themselves back in your home or to slip your vehicle while you're gone. Locate an appropriate location to put away your keys--not the entryway or mudroom--and constantly change your doorway locks following a break-in.

A couple of minor errors may be leaving your home vulnerable to vandalism . But do not worry, you do not require a costly home-security method. Simple alterations, like getting your neighbor pick up your email while you're off, and cheap buys, like motion-sensor lights, and will keep thieves off and deliver you reassurance.

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