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5 Ways to Retain the Value of your Car

Nobody likes selling a vehicle for much less than they originally purchased it for. It is no secret that a car's value plummets the moment it leaves the lot. In fact, some experts estimate that the typical car loses 15 to 25 percent of its value every year for its initial five years it is in operation. However, everything from storage to service documents to may affect a car's overall depreciation and resale value. Retaining the value of your car is easy as long as you stay organized and do not procrastinate. Here are five great and easy tips for retaining the value of your vehicle.

1. Purchase desirable vehicles

The time you start a car hunt, take the time to think about an automobile resale value, although it can seem like putting the cart before the horse. Read articles to help you find out what cars will sell best. While others may be economical and easy to repair Particular cars might be known for their reliability. Either way, it is important to be aware of the things that could contribute to the desirability and performance of a model in the used and resale market. Review available value and statistics projections before your next purchase to get a sense of which automobiles are retaining their value in the resale market.

2. Keep your interior clean

A tidy interior shows prospective buyers a vehicle was cared for. Interior odors are something many buyers notice right away. Avoid overly perfuming vehicles or relying upon air fresheners to mask odors, there are a number of ways to easily eliminate car odors, such as keeping an open bag of coffee beans in your car overnight. Vacuuming and fast attention to food spills and stains can keep your interior looking tidy. Minimize ingestion in your vehicle, if possible, and consider aftermarket add-ons. And smokers take notice: unsightly burns from cigarette butts and the telltale odor of stale smoke can be deal breakers for many prospective buyers.

3. Keep the exterior in prime condition

Weather and exposure to the elements can wreak havoc on a car’s exterior. Regular washing (and waxing) of your vehicle’s exterior helps preserve the paint job. Tires, rims, head and brake lights, and exterior mirrors and windows should also be routinely cleaned of dirt and grime. Make sure tires and brake pads are in good condition. For best results, always use products that are made expressly for exterior car care. And whenever possible, garage your vehicle to help protect it from sun, weather damage, and even theft or vandalism. Garages are great ways to keep your car safe from the sun, weather damage, and theft or vandalism. Just like how a reliable home security system will keep your family and property safe from burglars.

4. Repair any exterior damage

Regular washing (and waxing) of your vehicle's exterior helps preserve the paint job. Rims tires, brake and headlights, and outside mirrors and windows should be cleaned of dirt and dirt. For best results, always use products which are made expressly for outside car care and if possible have a professional clean, wax, and repair the car’s exterior. And again as said in the previous paragraph, keeping your car in a garage is a great way to prevent any damages from happening in the first place.

5. Keep a record of maintenance

Routine car maintenance is an absolute must (a good technician can tell if you've neglected things like regular engine oil and fluid changes). Follow the regular maintenance schedule of your car and save records of service. Discerning buyers are going to be delighted to know you took the opportunity to care for the car, and they will also have the ability to quickly determine if it is time to service the vehicle. A car with a record of all services is a much safer purchase than a car without a record, so people will pay more to have the record. In addition, keep a functioning spare tire in the car.

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