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5 Ways to Create a More EnergyEfficient Home

Congrats on doing what you can to show some concern for the environment and for saving a tiny bit of money. However, what if there were a few other ways you can save money by making your home more energy efficient? Let's explore a few. Turn the lights off until you depart, the A/C down once you're gone and program the hot water heater for those times you use the shower... you've heard all of the tricks to saving energy at home and you're a master of your own domain.


1. Get your home evaluated professionally

You can read all the sites that are environmentally-friendly on the planet and still not get an notion of where efficiency could be improved in case you don't have a professional energy audit. This investment sees that a trained practitioner, armed with an abundance of expertise and evaluation tools, comes by and files each and every area of your house where you can become more efficient. A Google search for one of these professionals will allow you to track one down. However, the only process of having them come out won't do anything. You have to do exactly what they recommend!


2. Use a water-softener

The build-up of scale within your water-using appliances causes them to be less effective. Because of this, things like washing machine and your dishwasher might have to work harder to produce the same levels of cleanliness. This work translates into more energy intake. By installing a Salt-Free Water Softener, you can reduce scale by around 99.6 percent and prolong the life of your house's assets. Install a water softener.


3. Install window seals

The demand for seals and weather strips is something that is likely to be found throughout your energy audit but can also be something that you can be proactive about now. By sealing up places around your home around windows and doors -- that let hot air or cold air in outside, you will be reducing therefore generating energy efficiency. Weather strips for windows and doors are a rather inexpensive way to prevent air from being wasted and also can be installed quickly and easily.


4. Insulate your home

Insulating your home with the suitable material can help you to keep the cold air out and the hot air in in the same manner seals and weather strips do. Unlike weather strips and sealants insulation covers area, including basement, attic, your walls, flooring, and ceiling. While retrofitting is an option for areas such as walls and the floors, insulating the attic is. In reality, most Canadian's will invest more money on heat energy than almost every other cost in their own lives, does not it make sense to maintain the warmth in once it's there? Natural Resources Canada provides some good resources about insulation and air sealing including ways to acquire insulation inspections, safety and health concerns and how to retrofit houses.



Let's get a bit higher-tech for a moment.

Installing solar panels can help offset a great deal of your energy use. Installing solar panels are a smart way to help you save money, and help the environment, just like installing a home security system is a smart way to protect your home and your family. The thing is, installing them can cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 and purchasing panels. An American company has put a new spin on this investment and enables homeowners to reap the benefits of solar panels without the upfront costs. The company enters an agreement that sees they are paid by the homeowner for the energy they create, typically at costs that are 20 percent less than what they pay and installs the panels.



Where Can You Save?

The areas of your home in which you can put money into energy savings are virtually infinite, as you can see. When it's as straightforward as spending $20 on lighting bulbs that are fresh or as advanced as installing solar panels, there are lots of ways that you can improve your energy reliance whilst profiting from a home at precisely the same moment.



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